"BEST EVER parish Bazaar" says Social Treasurer

The 2013 annual Parish pre-advent Bazaar was a great success and has raised more money than ever raising £2059.30.
This, notwithstanding the 21 confirmandi and teachers and some family groups, plus Fr Richard fleeing off just beforehand for their fun event trip to Buckden Towers.

None-the-less the Church was filled with stalls and fun things for people to do. Hoards of parishioners and non-parishioners alike came flooding through the doors to see what was happening and pick up a few bargains - or not - as the case may be.

I believe most people enjoyed the event - even those stuck behind the stalls too.... Here's a few photos that I took which I hope captures some of the atmosphere.


Is it Ye-ha - the musical??? Well sort of....

It's actually the St Peter's RC Church Biggleswade Barn Dance that will be held in the Northill Village Hall   7.30pm - 11.00pm on Friday 27th September

Tickets: £10 Adults / under 16’s £7.

So please join us and have a great night out.  The entertainment and food are included in the price and a full bar will be available too.

Everyone is invited and if dancing doesn’t appeal, just come along and enjoy the fun of the evening and see others attempting to follow the barn dance steps and have a great laugh.

Tickets are for sale on a first come first served basis – so don’t be caught out (no tickets will be sold on the night).

For further details and tickets please contact:
           Carolyn Blake on 07713 474741 or Lyn Graves 07801 369785...

And if you don't know what a Barn Dance is then click here and play this video for a little taster.

Could it have been Royal Ascot @ St Peter's?

The scene was set for an evening of racing fun here at St Peter's Church on the longest day of 2013..

Some had risen early to clear the church and set out the course, tables and chairs and tables. Others had spent most of the day selecting their costumes for this most prestigious event in the parishes social calendar... The ladies arrived resplendent in their crafted headgear of varying shades, shapes and appearances,  Anne E however missed the mark – according to Fr Richard – and took on a "francophilian" look that might have been better appreciated at the Chasse-de-Paris. But that might have been influenced by the fact that she was given the task to procure the wine, soft drinks and cheese – which I have to say the wine was very well received be all.

The men on the other-hand had resisted the temptation to go that extra mile and adorn a sparkling waistcoat, that is with one exception that is and that will become evident later...

The volunteer bookmakers/tellers for the evening (the DiMarco Mafia) were ready and waiting to fleece all those who attend, whilst Miss Egan did her part in fiddling the odds..

The Chief Steward Meg took the floor to explain the rules... 

The racing programme involved six preliminary races where each winner would be invited back to the grand finale where the winners' winner would be decided, the betting rules and application of odds were explained and rules regarding the throwing the die for each race were explained...

There had to be money involved because everyone gave their full attention, see the photos below... Well that is apart from Lyn, that is, who relived from her normal bar duty on these events, was "regally" savouring every moment.

And so to the first race where experienced jockeys took to their steeds.... These were in reverse order left to right "nice waistcoat" Nick on No 6, Babs's friend??? on No 5, "distracted Arthur" on No 4, "pockets" Paul No 3, Hair-do-Babs on No 2 and Jolly-hat Jane on No 1...

Old hands winner Jane on No1

We missed a photo opportunity for the novices race or the old Greys... But the winners were Annette on No 6 and  Megs mum on No 4.

The next race was the Apprentice race where huddled together were the jockies  James (the only apprentice of the evening) Fiona on five, Carolyn on 4, "nice waistcoat Nick" on 3,  the other Nick on No2, and all on his lonesome John on No1.

Apprentice Winner Carolyn on No 4

The little fillies race with Helen on No6, Chris on No5, Sue on No4, Catherine No3, Julia on No 2 and ???? on No 1. After an extremely eventful race, seeing two of the contenders fall at the last furlong the four remaining horses shared the last two places and the spectators wondered will we ever see this race end.... However after what seemed like an age Helen having stalled for a while,  eventually won through by a neck to win the fillies race....
Winner Helen on No 6 very close race won by just a neck from the rest of the field.

Fr Richard judges the ladies' hats... A very difficult task with some wonderful entries...

But there had to be a winner and that was Jane's masterpiece bonnet....
Anne awards a bottle of rose - without even an hint of envy... or for that her beret

The next race Stallions with Niel on No6, Phil on No5, Paul on No4, Nick on No3, James on 2 and Fr Richard on No 1...
won by pockets Paul on No 4
Not to be outdone, the judging of the men's jazziest waistcoat was awarded to  Nick...

Seen here styling front and rear and flaunting his prize!

And so to the winners' winner race which this time was across various hurdles. The contestants Helen No6, Annette No5, Carolyn No4, Megs Mum No 3, Paul No 2, and Jane No1.  This race was hotly contested with the lead passing backward and forward at times, however a convincing lead was taken by Jane on horse No 1 flying to the front only to fall with in a furlong of the finish, even before Meg's got out of the starting blocks... Jane's early departure left the race wide open for the other jockeys following well behind.  Annette became so enthusiastic about the race that she managed to jump the hurdles without her horse.
It wasn't too long before Megs-mum exited the starting blocks with the sound of great cheers around the course, but she rolled a one and those cheers changed to laughter.  Not to be out done the dice continued to select No1 and she soon caught up with the field, taking the hurdles with easy steps....

The tension was almost nail-biting, initially favouring Carolyn on No 4 who shot to the front, but then she got held up on the miss a turn square on the final furlong. The lead passed to and fro and the field all caught up again. This all added to the excitement, but not to be put off Carolyn eventually cast the final four to take her to victory...

The evening finished with the raffle with what seemed to be an never ending supply of presents. A super fun filled evening bringing in some £458 (before the costs of wine and cheese). The proceeds will go toward the new parish Kitchen.

Many thanks to Clare, Meg, Anne E, the bookmakers and all who helped in whatever way to make this a great value fun evening.


Biggleswade Chronicle Village News

St Peters Catholic Church, Biggleswade. 
Last Sunday’s gospel Luke 3: 1-6 tells us about repentance, repentance being a door that opens to allow God to visit any soul. Luke goes on to tell us how in the Kingdom of Heaven God tells us that He has throne in the highest heaven, surrounded by majesty, glory and splendour, but His dwelling on earth is in the perfect humble and contrite heart.

Chrtistmas Bazaar-A huge thank you to all those who supported the Christmas Bazaar with a few totals yet to be added we can announce that we raised a huge amount £1,870. 

Christmas Mass & Services- Volunteers are needed to help with these please see the forms in the porch. First Holy Communion, forms in church porch, please complete and hand into Parish Office by 16th December. Classes commence Sunday 13th January 2013. 

Sacrament of Confirmation, if you wish to be considered please complete forms in the church porch and return to Parish Office.

Biggleswade Chronicle Village News

St PetersCatholic Church Biggleswade. Last Sunday saw the first reading of the Church’s new year (Luke 21:25-28, 34-36);Year C in the Liturgical calendar. It was also the first Sunday of Advent. As humans our wisdom is limited in comprehending the divine mysteries. In the hearts of every man and woman bids questions about the end of their own lives and that of the end of the world. These may seem strange thoughts as we enter Advent and start to celebrate the becoming of Jesus. During the past two weeks we saw how humans were powerless against disasters of nature in our own country through heavy rains that caused floods ruining homes and taking lives. In biblical times it was thought that Jesus would return within their life time. It was in Luke’s community some decades after Christ’s crucifixion that they realized that the second coming of Jesus was not just around the corner as they had expected. From Luke’s perspective the sufferings of the present may well be a prelude to a new experience of the presence of God in the world. Perhaps Jesus is reminding us to be vigilant during this time of Advent and pray to prepare ourselves and try to live our lives as He would have done.

Christmas Bazaar (held on December 1st ) A huge thank you to all those Parishioners who freely gave their time to make this a great success. We will be able to confirm the amount raised next week. 
Catecheses- We are looking for Catecheses to run our confirmation program, if you would be interested please contact the Parish Office

First Holy Communion, forms in church porch, please complete and hand into Parish Office by 16th December. Classes commence Sunday 13th January 2013. Sacrament of Confirmation, if you wish to be considered please complete forms in the church porch and return to Parish Office.




Notices in Biggleswade Chronicle Village News

HELP Needed for Christmas Bazaar see Chris's post below

St.Peters Church,Biggleswade.
Last Sunday’s gospel Mark 13:24-32, Jesus said to his disciples: "In those days, after the time of distress, the sun will be darkened, the moon will lose its brightness, the stars will come falling from heaven and the powers in the heavens will be shaken. And then they will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great power and glory;” At this time early Church Fathers believed that rather than meaning ‘their generation’ that this gospel referred to the age of Christianity and compared it to the ‘old testament’ and ‘new testament’ being different generations. Although the meaning may have changed down the ages two questions remain unanswered When will he come? And how will he come? Sceptics now refer to the worlds television cameras showing that the world is indeed passing away when we see/hear of nations brandishing nuclear weapons; others starve as society’s economies fall in times of another brandished saying ‘austerity cuts’. When there is so much that we can have little control over maybe time would be best spent concentrating on our inner strength - faith, in turn our developed relationship with God will build courage to deal with life’s’ burdens. From then we can feel reassured that when earth passes away God’s love will not. We must not be preoccupied with predictions of the day or hour that the Lord will come, these matters far less than how He will find us living on his arrival.

First Holy Communion, forms in church porch, please complete and hand into Parish Office by 16th December. Classes commence Sunday 13th January 2013.

Sacrament of Confirmation, if yu wish to be considered please complete forms in the church porch and return to Parish Office.

Carmel in Beds- Carmelite Prayer group next meeting Wednesday 28th November commences at 6.30 pm. Parish Room. Everyone welcome, the aim is to further the cause of the Church by prayer and good works.

Christmas Bazaar Saturday 1st December 11-2pm, help required for setting up etc, baking, donating gifts, sell Grand Draw raffle tickets.

-Grand Draw ticket stubs need returning on 25th November


Christmas Bazaar

See Brenda's post below as well . . .

The Christmas Bazaar is almost upon us and the Social Committee have worked hard but they could do with a hand. To begin with they need stuff to sell and raise money:

• Good quality "preloved" items.
• Cakes, bottles and other luxury consumables.
• Items that you would like someone to give you.

The Committee also needs help with setting up, manning the stalls and taking it all down. Please contact Claire on 222572 to volunteer for part (or all) of this endeavour.

And don't forget to come and enjoy the Bazaar on the day. There will be delicious snacks, including jacket potatoes with lovely fillings that you won't want to miss!

God bless


Christmas Bazaar


Biggleswade Chronicle Village News

St Peter’s Catholic Church Biggleswade.

In one week we experienced a huge contrast, we joyfully watched firework displays then within 7 days solemnly remembered those who fought in all wars from the First World War to those in Afghanistantoday. Another contrast was seen in the gospel last Sunday Mark 12:41-44, where rich people donated large amounts of excess money they had to the Country’s Treasury and the widow women who gave only two small coins; all the money she had. In biblical times, sadly Widows were usually very poor. This was because it was the Husband’s position to work and provide money for his wife and family, so if he died there was no benefit system to help for rent or food. Jesus knew that the Widow had given all the money that she needed to live on and told His disciples that she had contributed more than all the other people put together, because she had given everything she had. The Widow had put her trust in that God would provide what she needed to live on. So, in the Lord’s eyes she was much more generous than the rich people because she had nothing left over. She gave all she had. God wants us to be able to give a lot too. He wants us to allow sharing to be more important than keeping.

November 17th Saturday 10.30-11.30 Coffee Morning to meet new Parish priest Fr. Richard Moroney and chat with friends.
November 22nd Thursday 7.30 pm Parish council meeting, All parishioners welcome.
Altar Servers – required for Saturday Evening 6.30pm CONTACT Andrew & Caroline Kluth.
Christmas Bazaar 1st December, donations required for Grand Draw, box in church porch. Please contact Parish Office for further details 01767-312023. http://www.st-peters.eu/.


Biggleswade Chronicle Village News

St.Peter’s Catholic Church Biggleswade, Last Sundays gospel was from Mark 10:46-52. This gospel informs us of the miracle that Jesus performed when He restored the sight of the blind beggar. All through this scripture unlike previous gospels Jesus did not correct the disciples; there was a reason for this. The gospel says, Jesus is heading for Jerusalem, he had just left Jericho that was about 15 miles north east of Jerusalem a major crossroads where travellers and beggars to meet from all other directions to lead into Jerusalem, and although not mentioned, Jesus was heading towards His Passion (the crucifixion and resurrection). Jesus knew this but the Disciples were not aware of how close they were to this event or fully comprehended what it meant. There are several reflections within this text. One being the referral to a beggar, an image of great faith, a faith that overcome huge obstacles; in this instance the Disciples who prevented him from reaching Jesus. The beggar was Bartimaeus, being the son of Timaeus; Mark used this name and linage as a metaphor for all of those outside of the faith, those who did not have the full insight into Jesus, the model of all those who are marginalized, forced to beg for mercy while the great ones of the world pass by. This was endorsed when Mark mentioned that the beggar was found sitting ‘by the way’, in this time people who believed in God and Jesus called themselves ‘members of the way’. Therefore, as Bartimaeus was found beside ‘the way’ this meant that he (or they) were not yet members.  Through this metaphor it can be perceived that there was also a contrast between Jesus ‘The Son of David’ from royal lineage and Bartimaeus being the son of Timaeus being of no importance or statue. Therefore through Jesus’ mercy by reinstating Bartimaeus sight  He transformed Bartimaeus life rather than just solving a problem.

November 11th Sunday-Remembrance Day, please note Mass will start at 9.45 am and not 10am. This is to enable Fr.Richard to reach the Cenotaph in the Market Square for 11am.

Shared Supper & Social Evening-Friday 2nd November 7.30pm, please bring a plate of food (1 plate only please & indentify to ensure its returned). An opportunity to meet with our new priest Fr. Richard Moroney and with old friends, entertained by local choir T.A.G.S.

Sponsored bike & hike Many congratulations to Andrew Kluth who raised £343 for the Beds & Herts. Historic Churches, ½ will go to St Peter’s. Thank you to all those who sponsored.
Coffee Morning Saturday 17th 10.30-11.30 am Invitation to meet Fr. Richard and chat with friends.

Biggleswade Chronicle Village News

Apologies for error in the chronicle that read 'it is harder for a camel '... it should have read
" it is easier for a camel "
St.Peters Catholic Church. Biggleswade.
Last Sunday’s gospel Mark 10:17-30 calls for a profound understanding into the meaning of the word ‘wealth’. When this gospel was written nearly two thousand years ago a wealthy man was described as one who owned many animals, lived in a large basic building and had servants and maybe owned a large area of land, if he was very wealthy he may have artefacts and pots of gold, but what use was this? Back in these times there was no electricity, central heating or television; no fast delivery service to bring them the latest dvd, cd or tablet pc. In this period technical knowledge was limited therefore even natural resources were left within the earth. As man developed he changed his surroundings and wealth, his money, purchased the finest things from food, clothes, and houses to armies to gain control over weaker populations. Now in the twenty-first centaury the people of the developed world have numerous riches that include computers, cars, holidays, mobile phones. In the undeveloped word there are still populations that live very basically sometimes in a crowded room and long for the food, sanitation & medicines that will save the lives of their young children. Many people of the developed world share their wealth by generously donating money to help the undeveloped world as they feel that their own society supports them in times of need through benefits, free health care and charitable organisations. There are very special people who have time and share this by undertaking sponsored events to raise money for good causes. In this gospel Jesus speaks about a wealthy man who approached him to ask what he should do to inherit eternal life. Jesus replied “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven”. In our society today we have many riches that are taken for granted. Often we hear of situations where volunteers are needed urgently to ensure facilities, clubs for the children, elderly or disabled can remain open. Perhaps we can consider ‘time’as a wealth that we may be able to give freely to help others in our society today?
Shared Supper & Social Evening
Friday 2nd November-, to welcome Fr Richard, please bring a plate of food,entertainment supplied by the TAGS choir, further information in the church porch.
Christmas Bazaar Saturday 1st December-, please donate gifts for the raffle, there is large tea chest in church porch.
Operation Christmas Child-Please donate Shoe boxes full of gifts for children from deprived areas world wide. This year the boxes from the post code SG will be going to Kenya. Leaflets are available in the church or information can be obtained from http://www.operationchristmaschild.org.uk/what-to-pack.Is a yearly event which was originally set up by Mr David Cooke after watching a news broadcast on TV in 1990 that showed the horrors the children in orphanages in Romaniahad to endure. David's aim was to fill one lorry with gifts and drive it to Romania. The response to his appeal was overwhelming and on the 12th of December a convey of vehicles including lorries donated by local companies set off for Romania.


Apostleship of the Sea

Apostleship of the Sea collection raised nearly £350 for this very important charity that supports all foreign people working on merchant ships to make contact with their family and loved ones back home and ensures that fair and decent working conditions are maintained. Considering that 95% of all British trade is carried by sea the physical and spiritual needs of the seafarers is paramount; thank you for your contribution.

Help needed with Christmas Bazaar

Here's a message from the Entertainments Committee:

I am sure that you have noticed the sheets of paper spread about the Church, asking for help with the Christmas Bazaar, but perhaps you feel that you wanted more details before volunteering to help.
Let me give you some dates and times, and then perhaps, you can allocate some of your time.

On the evening of Wednesday, 23rd November, at 7pm, people will be in the “Basilica” (the long hut beside the car park), to sort out donations.

On Thursday, l 1st December, after the 9.30am Mass, we will move the chairs and kneelers, and bring in the big tables, and that evening at about 7pm, we will be filling the tables.

On Friday 2nd December, Mass will be celebrated in the Sanctuary behind the folding doors. After Mass is finished, we will continue to sort, separate and prepare for the next day as well as decorating everything, while the Market Square lights are being switched on.

On Saturday, 3rd December, about 9am, we will tie the Bazaar notices to the railings nearby, prepare the potatoes and other food in the clubroom and wait for the fresh cakes to be brought in.

At 11am our local MP, Alistair Burt, will open the Bazaar, which is when we will need help behind the stalls.

At the end of it all, some unsold items will be put back in the “Basilica” prior to recycling. The floor has to be swept, the money counted, and all the furniture replaced ready for the 6.30pm Mass. We would be very grateful if you would talk to us about helping, even If it is something you have never done before!


Well Julia and I really enjoyed the Murder and Mystery play last night. The food was just right (and it came at the right pace ...) and the play was great fun. Well done the Social Club for organising the evening, and to the Biggleswade Amateur Theatrical Society (www.bats.net.uk)

Here are some photos I took last night ...


Players and audience in St Peter's

Players and audience in St Peter's

Players and audience in St Peter's

There’s a FAB day (Fairtrade Association Biggleswade) next Saturday, 7 March at the Baptist Church in Biggleswade. It’s a day to raise awareness of the things that you buy every day for yourself or your family. There are loads of interesting events (see the poster below) so it should be a great day to enjoy as well as supporting Fairtrade around the world.

The organisation’s website is http://www.fabweb.org.uk/

Fairtrade Poster

Kodzo Selormey, a volunteer with the Society, was at Church today talking about the Society and its work. He emphasised that the work continued, notwithstanding its move away from the Catholic Church because of new laws governing adoption agencies. He thanked the Parish for its support over the years and asked us to continue that support: by considering adoption, providing financial donation and by praying for the Society and the children that it helps.

See Older Posts...

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