Reflection and Prayer Group - The Gift (session1)

As indicated previously the Gift course is aimed at building our faith and developing a life in the Holy Spirit....
In this session David Payne - director of CaFE - considered and introduced the Father's loving plan, and how great it is to know we are loved so dearly by God the Father. We learned amongst other things that our faith can be summed up in two words.....  not to be reveal here. We also learnt that St Catherine of Siena - a doctor of the Catholic Church - reveled after spending three years in solatory pray that "God is intoxicated with love for us"....  If His love's so great for us then we should have no dificulty basking in that great love. We learned that St Terese of Lisiex - another great Doctor of the Church - revelaed that we don't need to climb the mountain of perfection we can burst in to the Father's presence right now and jump on his knee and embrace His great love for us or at any time and love Him.
We reflected upon how the Holy Spirit of Christ is with us and how He reveals that great love of God the Father. We considered how knowing more of Gods's love can help us in our every day life. WE finished the session in prayer for ourselves and those who need our help at this time.
All who attened really enjoyed this session and went home with five daily reflections to consider are looking forward to next Wednedsay when we consider "The Joy of the Gospel",


Reflection and Prayer Group - The Gift

The Gift 

A six-week course entitled "The Gift" is commencing on Wednesday 18th Jan – 7.30-9:30 pm and is taking place at St Peter's Church meeting room.

Pope Francis’s challenge to us as practicing Catholics is to be ‘spirit filled evangelisers’.

Catholics are called to unpack and explore the greatest gift we have been given – the gift of our faith. The six session Gift course has been produced to help us to do just that.

It has been developed as a response to Pope Francis’s exhortation ‘The Joy of the Gospel’.

If you’d like to know more check out the introductory video below and if you're interested in attending a future session call 07751 625942:

The Gift: A Life in the Spirit Course - A New Resource From CaFE from CaFE on Vimeo.

Father Richard's Anniversary Mass

Father Richard's Anniversary Mass went wonderfully, helped in no small part by Bishop Peter's presence to bless the proceedings and to tell us a bit about our Parish Priest :-)

Here are a few photos from the event. Let me know if you want the image file for any other use.


D2015_DSF4031 Richard

D2015_DSF4032 Richard

D2015_DSF4029 Richard

D2015_DSF4046 Richard

Tertullian on marriage

In Bible Alive today, after discussing to day's gospel reading (Mark 10:1-12) in which Jesus rebuts the Pharisees' views of marriage, the following passage from Tertullian is quoted; I think it rather beautiful . . .


"How beautiful the marriage of two Christians, two who are one in hope, one in desire, one in the way of life they follow, one in the religion they practise. They are as brother and sister, both servants of the same Master. Nothing divides them, either in the flesh or the spirit. They pray together, they worship together; instructing one another, encouraging one another, strengthening one another. Side by side they visit God’s church and partake of God’s banquet; side by side they face difficulties and persecution, share their consolations. They have no secrets from one another; they never shun each other’s company; they never bring sorrow to each other’s hearts. Unembarrassed they visit the sick and assist the needy. They give alms without anxiety; they attend the Sacrifice without hindrance. They need not be furtive about making the sign of the cross, nor timorous in greeting the brethren, nor silent in asking a blessing of God. Psalms and hymns they sing to one another…Hearing and seeing this, Christ rejoices. To such as these he gives his peace. Where there are two together, there he is present; and where he is, evil is not."

Father Richard's Induction

Bishop Peter Doyle presided over the induction of our Father Richard as Parish Priest at St Peter's on Tuesday 25 February. It was well-attended mass and the social gathering afterwards, fuelled by small eats that all had brought, was a great Parish occasion. Congratulations to Father Richard, and thank you for being our priest.

Here are some photos of the occasion, by Carolyn and Peter.


D2014Trio Induction

D2014DSC00139 Induction

D2014Bishop Peter & Fr Richard Signing Induction

D2014DSC00137 Induction

D2014_DSF2316 Induction


Minister Lists

I've put up the new Minister lists. Let me know if you have any difficulty reading or accessing the document.


Latest news from Churches Together in Biggleswade...

Churches Together in Biggleswade held a meeting on Tuesday 23rd April.

Forthcoming events and requests for volunteers are below.

* Monthly prayer meetings (regular church meetings to which members of other Churches in Biggleswade are especially invited).
        - 22nd May, 7:30 pm, Pentecostal Church.
        - June, New Life Church (details tba).
        - 6th July, 10am, St. Andrew's.

* Christian Aid Week, 12th-18th May 2013.
        - Joint Service, Sunday 12th May, 6pm, St. Andrew's.
        - Street collections - if anyone is interested in helping out, please contact Neil Spencer at or 07910 211824.
        - Collecting outside Asda, Saturday 18th May - St. Peter's is responsible for covering the 12pm to 1:30pm time slot. If you can help, please contact Neil Spencer at or 07910 211824.

* Biggleswade Carnival, Saturday 22nd June 2013. Churches Together in Biggleswade will be having a float and an organising commitee will meet on Thursday 2nd May, 7:30pm at Biggleswade Baptist Church. If anyone would like to represent St. Peter's at this meeting or future meetings arranging the float, please contact Neil Spencer at or 07910 211824.

Churches Together Newsletter

From Neil Spencer, the latest newsletter from Churches Together.

Churches Together News 13 Mar 13

Biggleswade Chronicle Village News

St.Peter’s Catholic Church Biggleswade.
Last Sunday’s gospel Mark 12:28-34 tells us about a scribe who puts this question to Jesus “What is the first of all the commandments?” Jesus replied in two parts the first part that one must love the Lord our God with all your heart and strength, the second part to love thy neighbour as yourself. This is a well known commandment that we all believe in and practise every day to the best of our ability. When writing this each week I look at what scriptures have written over the past 2000 years together with homilies written by modern day people to try to arrive at a meaning for that week’s gospel. Sometimes the actual meaning is so profound it goes straight over my head! And is only fully appreciated by the very educated catechists amongst us. Today we have a connection between the gospel and the Year of Faith (Oct 2012 to Nov 2013). This gospel reminds us that faith has to be put into action. It is difficult, but by dedicating time to learn more about our faith, loving God through the prayer and the sacraments we can then put this into practise by loving our neighbour as ourselves; this is a part of what the Year of Faith is about.

November 11th Sunday-Remembrance Day, please note Mass will start at 9.45 am and not 10am. This is to enable Fr.Richard to reach the Cenotaph in the Market Square for 11am.

November 14th Wednedsday 7.30 pm Social Club meeting, All welcome.

November Sacred Heart Flitwick 15th 7.30pmThe Common Good, exploring the way social teaching works in the real world.

November 17th Saturday 10.30-11.30 Coffee Morning to meet new Parish priest Fr. Richard Moroney and chat with friends

November 22nd Thursday 7.30 pm Parish council meeting, All parishioners welcome.

Minister Lists

I have restored the pages for Readers and Eucharistic Ministers. Sue Laing, the Parish Secretary has taken over organising the lists after the sad death of Jenny Frodsham.

I hope that Sue has not taken on too much . . .


Message from Fr Tad – Poem for his Jubilee

A very warm welcome to Father Tad

A very warm welcome to Father Tad
His presence here it makes us glad
From Russia with love every July
To sunny England he does fly.

He lights up our church with his smile
The way he bounds down in the aisle
To say to us “Peace be with you”
A handshake that is firm and true.

On hot days he keeps him cool
Visiting Biggleswade swimming pool
He swims the breadth and then the length
To build up stamina and strength.

We look forward to his homily
On the day of his jubilee
25 years he has served our Lord
Not one day has he ever been bored.

We wish him well for his future goals
Doing good and saving souls
Maybe one day we will see
His golden or diamond jubilee.

From St. Petersburg to St. Peter’s
Thousands of long kilometres
We lift our glasses and we say
Father Tad, “Na zdroviye”!


Updated Minister Lists

Dear All

I have updated the Minister lists; sorry for the delay.


Father Raphael

Here's a typical photo of our visiting priest Father Raphael chatting outside St Peter's after Mass today.


Priest and parishioner

Farewell Fr Tad

Thanks to Fr Tad for again visiting us and giving us a different view of the world and of witness from a different perspective. Fr Tad left a couple of documents on the Parish noticeboard, documents relating his work in Russia. He sent them to me a few days ago to put on the website and this seemed to be the best place for them.

I hope that you enjoy reading them, but let me know if the format is difficult, or if the documents won't open on your computer.

God bless


Brief history of Russia – Fr Tad

Fr Tad's memories

Updated pages

Rather belatedly I have updated the pages for Readers and Eucharistic Ministers. I'm sorry to have taken so long about it, but do have a look and see if it works for you.


The Parish Calendar is a way to see all the fixtures and events in the Parish's year. I update it from the Bulletin or when someone tells me about an event, so please do let me know if something needs to be in there.

But if you have frequent updates, why not do it yourself? I can help you to share the calendar and give you permission to insert events etc ... It's reasonably simple to learn how and I should be happy to provide a bit of coaching. You would just use the programme that you use to access the Internet and there you.


Here is a copy of the paper in the back of the Church, Walking Humbly with our God. Please read and comment to Canon Michael.



Over the past few weeks, as part of the “Walking Humbly with Our God” programme, a series of conversations has taken place in which parishioners were asked to think about the strengths and weaknesses of the parish.

Thank you to all those who gave their time and thought to this process.

The following is a summary of the common themes that emerged:


Blessing of weekday Mass
Good liturgy
Good music: musicians & choir
Thriving Family Mass.
Lots of Altar Servers.
Good parish administration.
Good co-operation among
parish organisations/groups. .
Good social activities.


Poor take-up of the Sacrament of Confession
No provision for parish teenage youth.
Weekend parish – many only attend Mass on Sunday and Holy Days.
No Catholic school in the parish.
Because we have managed without a priest in the past, there is the worry that we might be left without a resident parish priest.

Further feedback would be welcome. If you wish to add any further comments, please put them in writing and hand them to Canon Michael.

Today is Ash Wednesday. If you wish to find a little Bible study for each day in Lent, why not go to the Daily Reflections page. Here there are links to the Bible Alive reflections (from Alive Publishing) which you could read, together with the reading from the Bible.


The dates are set for next year's First Holy Communion and the classes are being organised. Please see the First Communion page for more details, but the deadline for making your applications fast approaches ...

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